Affiliated Organizations
American Kennel Club - The official home page of the AKC.

Cairn Terrier Club of America - The official home page of the CTCA. Here you will find breed information, pictures and information on the affiliated clubs around the USA.

Great Western Terrier Association - Site for our region's All-Terrier Group club, sponsors of the annual back-to-back terrier group shows that the CTCSC supports and participates in.

Cairn Terrier Club of Northern California - The CTCNC is composed of members who love the Cairn Terrier and their sport and who work together to serve the best interests of the breed and their sport.
The club's activities are centered in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Members reside throughout Northern California.

Additional Cairn Clubs

Chicago/Suburban Cairn Terrier Club - Web site for the Chicago area Cairn club.

Cairn Terrier Club of Denver -Web site for the Denver area Cairn club.

Potomac Cairn Terrier Club - Web site for the Mid-Atlantic area club

Cascade Cairn Terrier Club - Washington state club.

Overseas Dog and Cairn Clubs

Crufts Dog Show - Information page on the world's largest dog show.

UK Dog Clubs - Web site encompassing all breeds in the United Kingdom.

Midland Cairn Terrier Club - Lots of good information and even a Cairn fun page.

Southern Cairn Terrier Club - Nice site featuring the Southern UK club.

Cairn Terrier in Denmark - Information on and links to Denmark's Cairn community and Europe as well.

Dutch Cairn Terrier Club - Site for the Cairn Terrier in Holland.

Cairn Information Websites

Cairn Terrier in America - Informational page that includes pictures and pedigrees for recent winners of nationally recognized shows, as well as for top winners and producers of the past.

Cairn Terrier Pedigree Search - Find your dog's pedigree, or search for a pedigree, in this growing database.

Cairn Terrier in Canada - This web site contains information on the development and history of the Cairn Terrier in Canada.

Dog Show Superintendents

Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows - Information on and results from many shows in Southern California and surrounding areas.

Infodog/MB-F Dog Shows - Nice site with dog show entry feature, judging search engine and show results.

Onofrio Dog Shows - Information on and results from shows in the Midwest.

Rau Dog Shows - Information on and results from shows in the East.

Dog Pages of Interest

Earthdogs in California. Earth-dog link. Go chase a rat down a hole. Arf! - Links to various terrier groups, rescue organizations, breeders, handlers, plus discussion boards. - Site with dog training information

Dog Friendly - Nice site with information for those who travel with their dogs!

Take Your Pet - Another nice page with travel information!

Pets Welcome - Yet another nice page with dog-friendly travel information.


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